Metrics for success can be internal or customer-focused. Keep both, but make final decisions based on those that are customer-focused. (the things your customer does care about)


Six Sigma is a methodology for improving the quality of everything from the manufacturing of minute electronic parts to the development of complex software. 


At its core, it has a set of tools that helps identify and eliminate defects, waste and undesirable outcomes.  

While there are many tools in the six sigma toolbox, here are six that we apply when improving the user experience of websites, software and hardware:

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We get bullshit turf battles like Tumblr not being able to find your Twitter friends or Facebook not letting Instagram photos show up on Twitter because of giant companies pursuing their agendas instead of collaborating in a way that would serve users. And we get a generation of entrepreneurs encouraged to make more narrow-minded, web-hostile products like these because it continues to make a small number of wealthy people even more wealthy, instead of letting lots of people build innovative new opportunities for themselves on top of the web itself.
Anil Dash, “The Web We Lost” (via AllThingsD)

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